"Dinner Time is a band with loads of musical chops and a great deal of vision, and while it can sometimes seem like they have way too many ideas for one group, they manage to create something wonderfully cohesive on Halfway Down."
- PopMatters

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, DINNER TIME is a 5 piece band fusing genres of indie pop, nu-funk, slacker garage rock, and psychedelic music. Founded by lifelong friends Alejandro, Andrew, London, Ian, and Chad, DINNER TIME offers a haven from the monotony in life with appetizing moods of the surf, sand, and sun, all in a coincident echo and chorus. In a leisurely, yet rowdy essence, DINNER TIME transports you into a mood only satiated by backyard hangs, chilled beverages, and mellowing out to a sunset with your best friends. Trademark uber-chorus guitars plunk and quack over tight soul meets pseudo-jazz breaks and grooves, all creating an atmosphere for short vignette-style vocals that paint with broad strokes and allow you to enter a new world of aesthetics with each track.


  • Ian Buford
    Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • Andrew Joyce
    Synth / Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • Alejandro Uribe
    Guitar / Vocals
  • London Cameron
    Bass / Vocals
  • Chad Miller